Science and Religion

Cosimo, Inc., 1 sept. 2006 - 344 pages
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Unlike the many works written in recent years attempting to reconcile faith with reason, this bizarre but fascinating 1905 book aims to merge religion with pseudoscience. This odd amalgam of nonsense brings together... . a very basic astronomer primer, with an emphasis on the bodies of the zodiac and their alleged influence over humanity . an examination of the principles of phrenology, the idea that the shape of the head can be interpreted to determine personality and temperament . a discussion of the convergence between phrenology and astrology . the horoscopes of Jesus Christ and Adam themselves . and more. American author BENJAMIN FRANKLIN LOOMIS (1857-1935) was a graduate of the American Institute of Phrenology. He also wrote Pictorial History of the Lassen Volcano (1926).

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Table des matières

Part IIPhrenology
Part IIIAstrology
Part IVIntroductory Remarks
IIThe Horoscope of Jesus Christ
Concluding Remarks
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