Is There Really a Purpose?

AuthorHouse, 2004
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This question has been on the lips of many church-going people today. In an age when the church is being compared to a social club, it is refreshing to hear words of encouragement and affirmation. Is there really a purpose for the church? If someone asked you why God chose you to be a part of his family, would your answer be a generic or specific one? Would you be able to articulate the specific reason and purpose for your presence in His church? Michael Straessle asked that very question when, as a pastor, he observed Christians who were unsure of their purpose for being Christians. Did God deliver us from a habit of sin to simply be a number on a tote board in Sunday school? Are you a youth pastor, minister of music, or home-group leader? What criterion was used to place you in that position? Was it God's overwhelming gift in you that told the congregation you serve you were the person for the job, or was it by popular vote; or maybe a combination of both? What do you want to hear the Father say to you on that day of entrance? Good job or wrong job? How can you be certain? Is There Really a Purpose leads the reader to accept the role God has for their life through insightful wisdom and challenging precepts found in Holy Scripture. The book ends with an invigorating view of the elect through the eyes of Peter. The author implores the reader to digest the life-giving thoughts in Is There Really a Purpose? with careful and prayer-ful consideration.

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