Biblical Imperatives

AuthorHouse, 29 mai 2003 - 260 pages
The OZ Factors uses the motion picture story of The Wizard of Oz as an analogy through which to explore common denominators of Western Logic which have prevented us from finding workable solutions to many of the basic problems of life.

Our search for these common denominators digs up the bricks in 'The Yellow Brick Road' of Western history that cover the dirt of our collective past, carefully hidden by the vested interests who wrote the history books.

Like Toto we pull back the curtain to expose covert tricks used by self-appointed 'great and powerful' leaders who have destroyed the lives of millions of trusting Munchkins in the past. We throw water on the real life Wicked Witches of the West.

The OZ Factors pours an allegorical bucket full of questions on the dogma of a new religion called 'western science':

* Does a brain actually 'think'?
* Who built the ancient 'Emerald Cities' on Earth?
* Where does a 'horse of a different color' come from?
* Are there really wicked witches and flying monkeys in the west?
* Is the notion that 'Only bad witches are ugly' a good scientific theory?
* If you crashed-landed your house in Munchkinland would you be an 'alien' in OZ?
* Did Dorothy ride a cyclone to the Land of Oz or fly over the rainbow in her Own Universe?

The author invites you to start at the beginning of your own yellow brick road to discover what is true for you. Melt a few Wicked Witches and say 'humbug' to would-be Wizards along the way. Explore the Emerald Cities of the past and build a future based on the greatest good for the greatest number of beings. Perhaps, with a little organized thinking, a good heart and a lot of courage, we may each discover that we have always had the power to 'go back to Kansas.'

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