Modern Essays on Eighteenth-century Literature

Oxford University Press, 1988 - 488 pages
Taking 1970 as his starting point, Leopold Damrosch, Jr. has assembled in one volume the finest and most useful essays on eighteenth-century literature. Covering all the major authors of the period and using a wide variety of scholarly and theoretical approaches, the selections are balanced between wide-ranging studies and interpretations of particular texts, such as Tom Jones, Gulliver's Travels, Clarissa, Robinson Crusoe, Tristram Shandy, and Boswell's Life of Johnson. Elegantly written by such distinguished scholars as C.J. Rawson, Irvin Ethrenpreis, Ronald Paulson, John J. Richetti, Leo Braudy, Lawrence Lipking, and Patricia Meyer Spacks, these articles will be entertaining as well as thought-provoking to specialists and non-specialists alike.
Contributors: John Traugott, C. J. Rawson, William K. Wimsatt, Irvin Ehrenpreis, Howard Erskine-Hill, Ian Donaldson, Michael McKeon, Ronald Paulson, John Richetti, G. A. Starr, Leo Braudy, John Preston, Michael Rosenblum, Richard A. Lanham, Lawrence Lipking, William C. Dowling, Gillian Beer, John Sitter, Marshall Brown, Patricia Meyer Spacks.

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