The Shulamite and the Shepherd: A Verse-by-Verse Commentary on the Song of Solomon

AuthorHouse, 23 janv. 2004 - 252 pages

Born in the Great Depression, Dan R. Frantzen worked his way through poverty, adversity and hardship to the pinnacle of his career.

Through the help of his young daughter, inspiration discovered Dan and he began his journey writing to help others for the next 40 years. His definition of Success Through God' has helped him and many others overcome their problems by Dan's efforts of advice and encouragement. Dan's belief that we are all in service to God makes the point that the lord is with us through every trial and tribulation.

Mr. Frantzen learned the secret of turning problems into answers. With God, a positive attitude and some luck, he turned his life of adversities into benefits that lasted him a lifetime.

Dan's entire career in the oil and gas industry was met with the ups and downs of the industry. The lessons learned on this path led him to his greatest career discoveries and helped him meet many Divine Connections' that have stayed with him the duration of this life.

Since 1977, Dan has been corresponding and fighting for our America's economic stability. Predicting our current energy crisis, he has been writing letters to Presidents and Congressmen in an effort to save America and its oil and gas industry. Learn how Dan's economic plans could bring us back to world economic supremacy, regain the respect of the world and help us chose a proper leader for America.

Life is not complete without family; and Dan lovingly describes his moments with his children. Mirroring himself, his children set out on the road of life at an early age with a pioneering spirit that Dan could only liken to his own.

Finally, an amateur philosopher, read miscellaneous articles that encompass Dan's many thoughts and feelings in regard to this life.

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