Reports of Cases Adjudged in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, in the Eastern District, Volume 4

P.H. Nicklin & T. Johnson, 1889

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Page 68 - Be it known that as well in own name as for and in the name and names of all and every other person or persons to whom the same doth, may, or shall appertain, in part or in all...
Page 534 - THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY of the Presbyterian Church of the United States of America would proceed forthwith to the First Presbyterian Church.
Page 564 - And provided the said standing committee of any church shall depute one of themselves to attend the Presbytery, he may have the same right to sit and act in the Presbytery, as a ruling elder of the Presbyterian Church.
Page 214 - But when the party by his own contract creates a duty or charge upon himself, he is bound to make it good, if he may, notwithstanding any accident by inevitable necessity, because he might have provided against it by his contract.
Page 470 - It is a wise and beneficial law, not designed merely to raise a presumption of payment of a just debt, from lapse of time, but to afford security against stale demands,, after the true state of the transactions may have been forgotten, or be incapable of explanation, by reason of the death or removal of witnesses.
Page 429 - Sound mind and memory, do make, publish and declare, this my last will and testament, in manner following, that is to say...
Page 618 - Princess, during their lives and the life of the survivor of them, and that the sole and full exercise of the regal power be only in and executed by the said Prince of Orange...
Page 70 - Agent as well in his own name as for and in the name and names of all and every person or persons to whom the same doth may or shall appertain in part or in all...
Page 565 - That in consequence of the abrogation by this Assembly of the Plan of Union of 1801 between it and the General Association of Connecticut, as utterly unconstitutional, and therefore null and void from the beginning, the Synods of Utica, Geneva and Genesee, which were formed and attached to this body under and in execution of the said Plan of Union...

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