An Intimate Walk: The Ultimate Relationship

Dumouriez Publishing, 2005 - 160 pages
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An Intimate Walk is packed with extremely valuable easy to understand information that will help you develop the ability to clearly hear the voice of God. A lot of us say we know when God is speaking to us but it can be a matter of life/death if you don fully understand the details of the Holy Spirit's voice. There are a lot of books about how to have a relationship with God and many people believe they hear the Holy Spirit but in this unique book you'll learn ways to solidify your relationship and really know for certain when He's speaking to you. If problems or stressful situations plague your relationships and daily life then the solutions you need have just arrived and can be found within these covers. An Intimate Walk will help you tap into most powerful creative force in the universe. This unlimited source of power is accessible to you on a constant basis to end the frustrations you may encounter. You will quickly learn how to locate and destroy factors that stop you from truly prospering. An Intimate Walk will set both your spiritual and natural houses on a solid foundation and is the most vital book outside of your Bible. An Intimate Walk takes only a few moments to start and will bring excellent lifelong rewards by turning you and your life into a magnet for miracles.

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