More Biblical Evidence for Catholicism

Couverture, 18 mai 2007 - 188 pages
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My purpose is to accumulate biblical arguments in support of distinctively Catholic doctrinal positions, with Protestant readers particularly in mind. I also touch upon the closely related subjects of sola Scriptura (the Protestant notion of Scripture Alone), the Catholic Church's high regard for Holy Scripture, and critiques from our separated Christian brethren with regard to matters of ecclesiology (Church) and Tradition. Additionally, a fair degree of emphasis has been devoted to certain common and erroneous charges against the Catholic Church and to dialogue (back-and-forth discussion), so that readers can have a sense of interaction with opponents of various Catholic doctrines, and how they might be answered from Scripture, history, and reason. Almost all of these chapters came about as a result of challenges and dialogues undertaken via e-mail and Internet lists and bulletin boards, from mid-1996 through to mid-2000.

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Biblical Indications as to the Definition of the Gospel and
Fictional Dialogues on Sola Scriptura Bible Alone
Is CatholicismHalfPagan?30
Denominationalism and Sectarianism
Biblical and Philosophical Reflections on
Why the Catholic Mass is Not Idolatry 71
The Old Testament the Ancient Jews and Sola Scriptura
Was the Catholic Church an Avowed Enemy of Holy
Insurmountable Practical Problems of Sola Scriptura
Dialogue on the Alleged Perspicuous Apostolic Message
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