By Lantern's Light

AuthorHouse, 15 févr. 2017 - 306 pages

In 1861 a courageous band of women brave death and defy political powers to render battlefield relief, launching the first MASH Unit on American soil. By these deeds they write their page in history.

This dramatic, fact-based story is told through the eyes of Havannah, a fiery but shallow debutante, who joins the first team of women to work the battlefields during the Civil War. While blood flows and Minie balls fly, Havannah squares off with head field hospital nurse who vows to dismiss her from the corps. The heroine's love affair with a crusty army surgeon adds fuel to the fire.

Meanwhile, sisters at home battle enemies who pledge to squash their efforts to establish the innovative relief plan. On the trail women, board wagons hauled by cantankerous mules, strap soup pots to wagons, forge mountain passes, dodge bullets, set up field hospitals alongside battlefields and scour the land, seeking life among the dead. The weapons they carried were not muskets but hot soup, whispered prayers and compassion, bolstered by fierce determination.

À propos de l'auteur (2017)

Carol is a founding member of the Low Country Civil War Roundtable, one of the largest in the country, located in the Coastal South Carolina area and founding editor of the Minie Ball Gazette. She taught classes related to "Women and the Civil War" for ten years, five of those as an instructor at the University of South Carolina - Beaufort, in the Oscher Lifetime Learning Institute program. Her works have appeared in the South Carolina Historical Magazine, Dialogue (a periodical published in Braille), and numerous other publications. She is a novelist, short story writer, essayist, and columnist. Carol presently lives in Virginia, where she gives popular lectures related to the subject of "Women and the Civil War." She is a member of the Society for Women and the Civil War. Carol has also written the screenplay, By Lantern's Light.

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