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To conclude: we believe that this body of ours in which we live, though after death it turns to dust, yet in the last day it shall return to life again, by the Spirit of Christ that dwelleth in us; and that then, whatever we suffer for Christ in the interim, he will wipe away all tears from our eyes, and that then, through him, we shall enjoy everlasting life, and be always with him in glory. Amen.


Master. Sith thou hast before said, that the wicked shall rise again, in sort most far differing from the godly, that is to say, to eternal misery and everlasting death, why doth the Creed make mention only of life everlasting, and of hell no mention at all?

Scholar. This is a confession of the Christian faith, which pertaineth to none but to the godly, and therefore rehearseth only those things that are fit for to comfort, namely, the most large gifts which God will give to them that be his. And therefore here is not recited what punishments are provided for them that be out of the kingdom of God.

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