Christ! I Want Your Body: A Layman's Search for the Church Representing the Teachings of Jesus of Nazareth

AuthorHouse, 6 nov. 2003 - 312 pages

What did Jesus say about his birth in a manger attended by wisemen and angels? How did he describe his seat at Gods right hand on a celestial throne? Did he really claim to be God's only son to be worshiped as one third of a three headed Deity? This book is destined to become one of the many pathways to help revitalize Christianity.

Compelling insights, meaningful resources and important revelations of over 100 well-known Jesus scholars, authors and learned professors of religion from around the world are provided. This is not, however, a theological discourse for scholarly debate. It is written by a Christian layman for the everyday normal church attendees who are searching, thinking, curious and open to newer and deeper loving relationships with God and Jesus.

Much of the knowledge and thinking about the essence of what Jesus taught about the Kingdom of God, (Realm of the Spirit) is explored. The book expands the readers awareness of new ways to see what Jesus said about God's love and it's potential for each person. Hopefully church people who are developing doubts about their childhood teachings will find new insights in the teachings of Jesus within the Christian Church.

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