Religion and policy and the countenance and assistance each should give the other, with a survey of the power and jurisdiction of the pope, Volume 1

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Page 150 - And thou shalt come unto the priests, the Levites, and unto the judge that shall be in those days, and inquire ; and they shall show thee the sentence of judgment.
Page 107 - Petre apostolorum princeps, inclina, quaeso, pias aures tuas nobis et audi me servum tuum, quem ab infantia nutristi et usque ad hunc diem de manu iniquorum liberasti, qui me pro tua fidelitate oderunt et odiunt. Tu michi testis es et domina mea mater Dei et beatus Paulus frater tuus inter omnes sanctos: quod...
Page 7 - Mahometans, but to cease to be monarchs, and admit another prince to have an equal, if not superior, command over their own subjects in their own dominions, and must cease to be emperors before they can be admitted to be Christians?
Page 47 - Dei" though Monsieur Mezeray (who deserves to be looked upon as the most accurate and impartial historian this age hath produced) assures us that the title of " Pope," of " Father of the Church," of " His Holiness," of " Pon" tifex Maximus," of " Servus Servorum Dei," were common to all Bishops before his time, of which we shall say more hereafter. But let him be as humble in his title as he please, it cannot be denied that from the time that he was Pope he used all the means he could, fair and foul,...
Page 12 - ... church or of churchmen ; nor does it appear from whence we have the very lives of the apostles, and other holy men, which are derived to us ; and which we have much more reason to suspect, because, as there was no collection of them in writing, till after Constantine's time, so what was afterwards put in writing hath been oftentimes altered, many things having been reformed and left out, according to the discretion and gravity of the age; and that body of the lives of the saints, which hath now...
Page 224 - ... to any ecclesiastical dignity recorded in any of the king's courts. He further protested, that the pope ought to make no translation to any bishopric within the realm against the king's will ; for that the same was to the destruction of the realm and crown of England, which hath always been so free, as the same hath had no earthly sovereign, but hath been subject to God only, in all things touching regalities, and to none other...

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