Abraham Lincoln: Sources and Style of Leadership

Frank J. Williams, William D. Pederson, Vincent Marsala
Bloomsbury Academic, 30 nov. 1994 - 191 pages

Written by both historians and political scientists, this new essay collection explores the sources, style, and quality of Lincoln's leadership. Challenging several popular schools of thought, the contributors show that both Lincoln's character and American democratic culture influenced his leadership style. They present him as a principled leader who sought realistic solutions in extenuating circumstances. Building on the democratic principles of the nation's framers, his vision of equality was consistent with the views of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. The portrait that emerges is of an active-flexible president whose culture permitted a magnanimous and prudential political style. Lincoln's leadership encouraged the development of responsible democratic rule.

The volume places Lincoln's leadership in a historical context and within the political perspective of the influences on him and his impact on others. It also examines his leadership style in terms of the factors organization theorists consider essential for effectiveness. The initial chapters focus on the impact others had on Lincoln and how he transformed their ideas into his own political vision. The work then turns to Lincoln's political style during the Civil War and how he influenced others. The final chapter puts Lincoln's political style in the perspective of world leaders of his age. This volume will be of interest to both historians and political scientists.

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