The peerage of England: or, An historical and genealogical account of the present nobility [by A. Collins].

G. J., 1709 - 470 pages
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Page 35 - An Act for the further Limitation of the Crown, and better securing the Rights and Liberties of the Subject...
Page 35 - First, of happy memory, be and is hereby declared to be the next in succession in the Protestant line to the imperial crown and dignity of the said realms of England, France and Ireland, with the dominions and territories thereunto belonging...
Page 93 - ... to the dignity of a Baron of this Realm, by the title of Lord Ossulston, Baron of Ossulston.
Page 146 - Majesty's presence3 1567, and at the same day advanced to the degree and dignity of a baron of this realm, by the title of lord...
Page 227 - Society, in these words, wishing them a happy success in their laudable attempts to discover the true nature of the works of God; and praying that they and all other searchers into physical truths may cordially refer their attainments to the glory of the great Author of nature, and to the comfort of mankind.
Page 43 - Tower and ordered his goods to be seized, and gave notice to ambassadors abroad that he and his son had conspired to take upon them the government during his life and after his death to get the prince into his hands.
Page 41 - King,° to himself, and the heirs male of his body, of an honourable augmentation of his arms, to bear on the bend thereof. In an escutcheon Or, a demi Lion rampant, pierced through the mouth with an arrow, within a double tressure flory andcounterflory Gules; which tressure is the same as surrounds the royal arms of Scotland.
Page 322 - England,1 he was in open parliament there, by the assent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, advanced to the degree and dignity of a Baron of this realm, by the same title of Lord Say and Sele.
Page 379 - In 1616 he was made a knight of the bath at the creation of Charles prince of Wales. In...
Page 298 - Scotland, and own'd as Earl of Argyle by the Parliament, before they took off the Attainder againft his Father ; which, by the Claim of Right, was declar'd to be a Reproach to Atatim.

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