A Chronological Register of Both Houses of the British Parliament, from the Union in 1708, to the Third Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, in 1807, Volume 3

Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, 1807
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Page 178 - Pounds over and above all Rents and Charges payable out of or in respect of the same...
Page 169 - Commons, for any Lord of Parliament, or any Lord Lieutenant of any county, to concern themselves in the election of Members of Parliament.
Page 169 - Resolved, that it is a high infringement of the liberties and privileges of the Commons of the United Kingdom for any lord of parliament or other...
Page 187 - All conveyances of any messuages, lands, tenements, or hereditaments, in any county, city, borough, &c. in order to multiply voices, or to split and divide the interest in any houses or lands among several persons, to enable them to vote at elections of Members to serve in Parliament, are hereby declared to be void and of none effect; and that no more than one single voice shall be admitted for one and the same house or tenement.
Page 168 - And because elections ought to be free, the king commandeth upon great forfeiture, that no man by force of arms, nor by malice, or menacing, shall disturb any to make free election.
Page 359 - ... over and above all rents and charges payable out of or in respect of the same; and that you have been in the actual possession...
Page 350 - or indirectly, received any sum or sums of money, " office, place, or employment, gratuity or reward, or " any bond, bill or note, or any promise or gratuity what...
Page 185 - England, by people dwelling and resident in the same counties, whereof every one of them shall have free land or tenement to the value of forty shillings by the year at the least above all charges...
Page 178 - ... devise, or promotion to a benefice in a church, or by promotion to an office ; and that such freehold estate has not been granted or made to you fraudulently, on purpose to qualify you to give your vote...
Page 266 - By the word freeholders is meant only freeholders of messuages, lands, or tenements, lying within the borough and manor of Haslemere, whether the same pay rent to the lord of the »aid borough and manor or not, exclusive of any lands or tenements, which are, or have been, parcel of the waste ground of the said borough and manor, or any messuages or buildings which are, or shall be, standing thereon.

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