Biblical Solutions to the Coming Crisis

TEACH Services, Inc., 2002 - 153 pages
It appears that we are living on a run away planet that's heading for a crash-course with destruction. Is there a solution to the myriad of problems that plague us?Today we are faced with problems that would make the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah seem like picnic grounds! Crime, Violence and Immorality have reached an all-time high.We are faced with vicious acts of crime and violence such as was unheard of fifty or sixty years ago! Every ten minutes at least one-hundred people are killed or wounded by gun-violence alone! Each day over twenty are killed by drunk-driving.Then, there's our ecological problems. Polluted water. Polluted air. Nuclear waste. Food contamination. These are just some of the conditions that are the by-products of The Cosmic Conflict that began in heaven, and will soon come to a joyful, and victorious climax for the children of God.

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Morris was the Victorian Age's model of the Renaissance man. Arrested in 1885 for preaching socialism on a London street corner (he was head of the Hammersmith Socialist League and editor of its paper, The Commonweal, at the time), he was called before a magistrate and asked for identification. He modestly described himself upon publication (1868--70) as "Author of "The Earthly Paradise,' pretty well known, I think, throughout Europe." He might have added that he was also the head of Morris and Company, makers of fine furniture, carpets, wallpapers, stained glass, and other crafts; founder of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings; and founder, as well as chief designer, for the Kelmscott Press, which set a standard for fine book design that has carried through to the present. His connection to design is significant. Morris and Company, for example, did much to revolutionize the art of house decoration and furniture in England. Morris's literary productions spanned the spectrum of styles and subjects. He began under the influence of Dante Gabriel Rossetti with a Pre-Raphaelite volume called The Defence of Guenevere and Other Poems (1858); he turned to narrative verse, first in the pastoral mode ("The Earthly Paradise") and then under the influence of the Scandinavian sagas ("Sigurd the Volsung"). After "Sigurd," his masterpiece, Morris devoted himself for a time exclusively to social and political affairs, becoming known as a master of the public address; then, during the last decade of his life, he fused these two concerns in a series of socialist romances, the most famous of which is News from Nowhere (1891).

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