The Final Testaments: That We May Prove the Power of the Love of the Truly Living God

iUniverse, 2004 - 632 pages
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The story of Adam, Eve, "God" and "the Serpent" in the Garden of Eden is the true story of the miserable life we live as human beings on this earth. But our understanding of the fateful events in Eden had been solidly formed by the falsified mind-bending "Bible stories" we were told as children by parents and church ministers. And even as adults, organized religion still tells us the same illogical fables and somehow most of us have continued to reason and understand these crucial events that totally control our lives as children, despite the fact that they do not agree with common sense. So, "What is the Truth?"

Jesus Christ came specifically to bear witness to the truth; Yahweh the god of Eden had him killed through his religious agents, who continue to muffle the truth and to mislead humanity. But The Final Testaments offers the true definition of the events in Eden. The Fall of the Human Souls; the Actual Original Sin; the Actual Genesis of this World; the Diabolic Nature of Yahweh the God of Eden; the Actual Antichrist or the Expected "Immanuel"; Who really Killed Jesus Christ-all these and more are authoritatively revealed.

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