Report of the Trial of the Cause Carew Against Burrell, Bt and Another Executors of the Late Earl of Egremont: At the Sussex Spring Assizes, Held at Lewes, on Wednesday, March 18th, 1840, Before Mr. Justice Littledale, and a Special Jury

William Nicol, 1840 - 174 pages

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Page 1 - ... in the declaration mentioned, and before the commencement of this suit, (to wit) on the...
Page 1 - And whereas the defendant afterwards, on &c., in consideration of the premises respectively, then and there promised to pay the said several monies respectively to the plaintiff, on request; Yet he hath disregarded his promises and hath not paid any of the said monies, or any part thereof, To the plaintiff's damage of £ , and thereupon he brings suit, &c.
Page 1 - And in £ for the price and value of work then and there done, and materials for the same provided, by the Plaintiff for the Defendant at his request. And in £ for money then and there lent by the Plaintiff to the Defendant at his request.
Page 1 - Yet the defendant hath disregarded his promise, and hath not paid any of the said monies or any part thereof, to the plaintiff's damage of pounds; and thereupon he brings suit, &c.
Page 2 - To the plea of the defendants by them lastly above pleaded, the plaintiff replied that he brought this action, and declared therein, not for the said supposed trespasses in the said last plea mentioned, but for the trespasses thereinafter mentioned ; and the plaintiff said that after the said conveyance to the said plaintiff as aforesaid, and after the defendant Gomme became...
Page 1 - case have been enumerated. The verdict was for the plaintiff for the value of the goods and twenty-five per cent, additional for damages. The former suit was brought for the price and value of goods sold and delivered by the plaintiff (now defendant) to the defendant (now plaintiff,) and judgment was recovered and entered of record for the plaintiff (now defendant) upon a special plea of the present plaintiff, denying the delivery of the goods. The same defendant now appears as plaintiff, claiming...
Page 2 - ... recorded against him. The latter was accordingly done. Mr. Solicitor General then spoke as follows : — May it please your lordship, gentlemen of the jury, I appear in this case on the part of the prosecution against the eight defendants who have been named by my learned friend. It is a prosecution that has been instituted at...
Page 2 - ... in the said declaration mentioned, and also of all damages sustained by the plaintiff by reason of the non-performance of such...
Page 65 - ... answer to questions from counsel. Yours, &c. RR " 1 came to London in 1802, and then I began to labour at sculpture. I never worked for any other sculptors ; and what is more, I never had an hour's instruction from any sculptor in my life. For the next eight years I never made 51. in my profession ; the bust that I first got my reputation from, I made for nothing ; it was a bust of Home Tooke, and it went to the exhibition in model, for neither IIorneTooke nor I could afford to make it in marble.
Page 1 - ... heretofore, to wit, on the first day of November, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety- seven, at Westminster aforesaid, in the said county of Middlesex, he, the said Robert, falsely, wickedly, wrongfully, unjustly, and maliciously, published a certain book entitled, "THE BAVIAD, AND "MsviAD.

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