A Pictorial Life of Our Savior

Kessinger Publishing, 1 déc. 2004 - 312 pages
1852. Partial Contents: State of the World at the Time of Our Lord's Birth; The Savior of the World is born at Bethlehem; Disappointment of Herod; The only recorded Incident of Our Lord's Childhood; Early Life of John the Baptist; Our Lord's Conversation with Nathaniel; Conversation of Our Lord with Nicodemus; Return of Jesus into Galilee; Situation of Capernaum; Character and Occupations of the Publicans; The Jews accuse Our Lord of breaking the Sabbath; The Sermon on the Mount; John's Disciples witness the Miracles of Christ; Cure of the Deaf and Dumb Man; Our Lord Condemns the Harsh Judgment of the Jews; Christ in the Storm; Celebration of Herod's Birthday; Conversation of Jesus with the Syro-Phoenician Woman; The Transfiguration; Conduct of Our Lord at Jerusalem; Cure of the Infirm Woman on the Sabbath Day; Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus; The Parable of the Pharisee and Publican; Jesus withdraws into Retirement; Cure of the Blind Man; Jesus weeps over Jerusalem; Our Lord foretells the Destruction of the Jewish State; Jesus foretells His own Betrayal; Gethsemane; The Remorse of Judas; Cruelty and Madness of the Jews; Mockeries and Insults of the Jews; A Guard is set over the Sepulcher; and Christ reveals Himself to Two Disciples at Emmaus.

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