Apollonius of Tyana and the Shroud of Turin

AuthorHouse, 2005 - 552 pages

WHITE MALE JANITOR: The Whistlebroom File is a unique work of fiction. In it such controversial topics as the contribution of African blacks to slavery, suicidal survivalists, and un-Christlike Christians are tackled with honesty, insight, and irrepressible humor. Its uniqueness lies in the readiness of the main character, Pandolfo Whistlebroom, a philosopher-janitor from Flint, Michigan, to criticize extremists from all cultures and belief systems, including his own. As he himself admits, "I'm a bystander, yes, innocent, no."

But WHITE MALE JANITOR is more than a commentary on society and its ills. It is an entertaining and satisfying story. Barbara, a black liberal journalism professor, is writing a book about Pandolfo and her partner, Alice, a black Republican business professor, often argues with her about the ideas in it. The two also quarrel about their relationship, which is sometimes hilariously tumultuous, but always real.

After a misunderstanding on an airplane, Barbara, Pandolfo, and eventually Alice become terror suspects. There follows a mysterious disappearance, which changes the lives of the two women dramatically. As Volume I of WHITE MALE JANITOR closes, they are both in the clutches of an unknown, chilling force.

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