The Works of Oliver Goldsmith: Memoirs of M. De Voltaire, The Life of Richard Nash, Esq., The Life of Thomas Parnell, D.D., The Life of Henry St. John, and Contributions to "The Critical Review"

Harper & brothers, 1900
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Page 154 - THE Life of Dr. Parnell is a task which I should very willingly decline, since it has been lately written by Goldsmith, a man of such variety of powers, and such felicity of performance, that he always seemed to do best that which he was doing; a man who had the art of being minute without tediousness, a,nd general without confusion; whose language was copious without exuberance, exact without constraint, and easy without weakness.
Page 210 - Signed, sealed, published, and declared, by the said testator, as and for his last will and testament, in the presence of OLIVER PRICE.
Page 6 - I know not whether I should tell you — yet why should I conceal those trifles, or indeed anything from you ? There is a book of mine will be published in a few days : the life of a very extraordinary man; no less than the great Voltaire. You know already by the title that it is no more than a catch -penny. However, I spent but four weeks on the whole performance, for which I received twenty pounds.
Page 166 - I may claim some merit this way, in hastening this testimonial from your friends above writing: their love to you indeed wants no spur, their ink wants no pen, their pen wants no hand, their hand wants no heart, and so forth (after the manner of Rabelais, which is betwixt some meaning and no meaning); and yet it may be said, when present thought and opportunity is wanting, their pens want ink, their hands want pens, their hearts want hands, &c. till time, place, and conveniency concur to set them...
Page 186 - I hope the most favourable interpretation will be put upon it. It is a comfort that will remain with me in all my misfortunes, that I served her Majesty faithfully and dutifully, in that especially which she had most at heart, relieving her people from a bloody and expensive war, and that I...
Page 170 - ... with uncommon talents, or such as have read the ancients with indefatigable industry. Parnell is ever happy in the selection of his images, and scrupulously careful in the choice of his subjects. His productions bear no resemblance to those tawdry things which it has for some time been the fashion to admire ; in writing which, the poet sits down without any plan, and heaps up splendid images without any selection; when the reader grows dizzy with praise and admiration, and yet soon grows weary,...
Page 27 - ... elegance mixed with spirit, and now and then let fall the finest strokes of raillery upon his antagonist; and his harangue lasted till three in the morning. I must confess, that, whether from national partiality, or from the elegant sensibility of his manner, I never was so charmed, nor did I ever remember so absolute a victory as he gained in this dispute.
Page 106 - The picture placed the busts between, Adds to the thought much strength ; Wisdom and Wit are little seen, But Folly's at full length.
Page 159 - Dear to the muse, to Harley dear in vain ! For him, thou oft hast bid the world attend, Fond to forget the statesman in the friend : For Swift and him, despis'd the farce of state The sober follies of the wise and great; Dext'rous, the craving, fawning crowd to quit, And pleas 'd to 'scape from flattery to wit.
Page 157 - ... now begin to excite universal curiosity. A poet, while living, is seldom an object sufficiently great to attract much attention ; his real merits are known but to a few, and these are generally sparing in their praises. When his fame is increased by time, it is then too late to investigate the peculiarities of his disposition ; the dews of morning are past, and we vainly try to continue the chase by the meridian splendor.

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