The Christmas Secret

Xulon Press, 2007 - 108 pages
It's Christmas break, and eleven year old Melinda Norris can't wait to welcome her big brother home from college. There are so many fun things that she wants to do while he's home, like naming the new calf, ice skating, and getting ready to celebrate Christmas! When Melinda asks Mark what is the best part of college, she's in for an exciting lesson that will make this Christmas stand out in her mind forever. As Mark teaches her the Christmas secret, Melinda is amazed at God's great goodness to mankind throughout the history of the world. The Christmas Secret teaches basic Christian doctrine in this exciting and fun story that emphasizes the holiness of God, the importance of the Bible, the greatness of the old hymns and the beauty of close family relationships. Hazel Brompton, a 2006 home-school graduate, lives on a ranch near Crook Colorado with her parents and sisters. At three years old, Hazel believed on the Lord Jesus Christ and was saved, a decision that continues to impact every area of her life. Hazel began writing stories when she was eight, through the influence of her sister. She enjoys writing Christian children's books, based on her experiences growing up on a ranch. Hazel loves spending time with her family and making them laugh. She likes singing with them and participating in their family ministries. When she's not busy with ranch work, Hazel enjoys reading, cooking, sewing, studying the Bible, trick-roping, and spending time with her young friends, teaching them Bible lessons. She likes playing with the Brompton's many animals, especially her cat, Bang Bang. In everything that Hazel does, it is her deepest desire to bring glory to the Lord.

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