Revolutionary Ireland and Its Settlement

Macmillan and Company, limited, 1911 - 446 pages
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Page 247 - I, AB, do swear, That I do from my heart abhor, detest, and abjure as impious and heretical, that damnable doctrine and position, That princes excommunicated or deprived by the pope, or any authority of the see of Rome, may be deposed or murdered by their subjects, or any other whatsoever.
Page 247 - I do declare that no foreign prince, person, prelate, state, or potentate hath, or ought to have, any jurisdiction, power, superiority, preeminence, or authority, ecclesiastical or spiritual, within this realm : So help me God.
Page 236 - The Roman catholics of this kingdom shall enjoy such privileges in the exercise of their religion, as are consistent with the laws of Ireland, or as they did enjoy in the reign of king Charles II...
Page 201 - And trims his helmet's plume ; When the goodwife's shuttle merrily Goes flashing through the loom ; With weeping and with laughter Still is the story told, How well Horatius kept the bridge In the brave days of old.
Page 393 - The settlement of this manufacture will contribute much to people the country, and will be found much more advantageous to this kingdom, than the woollen, manufacture, which being the settled staple trade of England, from whence all foreign markets are supplied, can never be encouraged here...
Page 236 - Catholics of this kingdom shall enjoy such privileges in the exercise of their religion, as are consistent with the laws of Ireland : or as they did enjoy in the reign of king Charles the Second : and their majesties, as soon as their affairs will permit them to summon a parliament in this kingdom, will endeavour to procure the said Roman Catholics such further security in that particular, as may preserve them from any disturbance upon the account of their said religion.
Page 181 - ... hundred of them without arms, who look like the poorest humblest slaves in the world, and you may search till you are weary before you find one gun ; but yet when they have a mind to do mischief they can all be 43 Story, p. 1 6; London Gazette, 2 Oct. 1690. 44 Story, Continuation, p. 49. ready in an hour's warning...
Page 280 - God for mercy, constrained them to let them go. They beat them with staves, and dragged them all bruised to the popish churches, where their enforced presence is reputed for an abjuration.
Page 31 - Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, assembled at Westminster, do resolve that William and Mary, Prince and Princess of Orange, be, and be declared King and Queen of England.
Page 342 - I heard many very eloquent speeches, but I cannot say they struck me like the exertion of the abilities of Irishmen in the English House of Commons, owing perhaps to the reflection both on the speaker and auditor, that the Attorney-General of England, with a dash of his pen, can reverse, alter, or entirely do away the matured result of all the eloquence, and all the abilities of this whole assembly.

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