Yo Yo

Chipmunkapublishing ltd, 1 juin 2011 - 118 pages
DescriptionThis book is like a roller-coaster, it chronicles the many twists and turns, high points and low points of Celia's extraordinary life. Celia is a very strong woman, there have been many distressingly sad events in her life, from suicide and alcoholism to the deaths of family members and the effects of having ECT (a horrific and some say inhumane treatment for depression), yet after all this she is still full of courage and drive. There are precious few publishers who are willing to publish books like this. Yet this book is Celia's life, the pain of the author, and the facts of her life just make you want to reach out and it is important that people are able to read this fascinating and heavily emotional memoir. It is with pleasure that Chipmunka publishes her book. About the AuthorCelia Pearson was born in September 1942 in Maidstone, Kent. Her early and happiest years were spent living with a doting mother and grandparents. She was educated at Ashford School and went on to become a nurse at the Middlesex Hospital and worked for a time as a legal secretary. She has endured much pain - her husband committed suicide, her baby died, she has had several miscarriages - all of which must have contributed to her crushing depression. Nowadays Celia lives in Cumbria and shares her pain to help others. Having her book published is important to Celia, she hopes others with similar experiences will draw strength from her writing.

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