Ministering One to Another

Xulon Press, 2007 - 148 pages
The Christian experience is a challenge to be all one can be in the kingdom of God. The Holy Spirit continually molds and fashions his chosen vessels into manifesting the nature and works as Jesus. All believers are ministers and stewards of God's grace. We bring glory to God as we recognize and obey the Holy Spirit's prompting within us. Age, gender, education, family status and cultural differences are immaterial to Him in selecting ministers. He works through personalities that are devoted, committed, and have faith in Him. Signs, wonders and miracles are increasingly evident in these end times and God is anointing ordinary, consecrated members in the body of Christ to minister healing, deliverance, restoration and salvation to hurting, wounded, insecure and lost souls everywhere. God delights in us and is depending on each believer to take courage and go forth in ministry for His Glory. This book will challenge you in becoming a partner with God transforming lives for His kingdom. Mary H. Johnson, author and bible teacher is an ordained minister with a passion for evangelism and discipleship. Born and raised in the Caribbean island of Montserrat, West Indies she started her career as a teacher. Since immigrating to the United States and receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord in 1972, Ms. Johnson has been greatly used by the Holy Spirit as a conference speaker, Bible Teacher, leader of Christian Education and small groups in local churches. She mentors and leads a local intercessory prayer ministry. Her evangelistic fervor and anointing have led to her participation in outreach to Trinidad, West Indies and Manitoba, Canada among other locales. She is the mother of a daughter, Cassandra, both of whom live in the United States of America.

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Introduction My Earliest Memories of Ministry
Understanding the Voice and Ways of God
Understanding the Concept of Ministry
Called and Chosen for Ministry
Responding to the Call to Ministry
Jesus as a Model for Ministry
Personal Preparation for Ministry
Going Forth In Ministry
Ministering to the Wounded
Persevering in Ministry Ill X Maintaining Your Spiritual House
Exalting Jesus Everywhere
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