Get Wisdom

Xlibris Corporation, 1 oct. 2005 - 680 pages
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GET WISDOM, will take the reader on a journey along with the author, to search for wisdom throughout the ages; searching not only the writings of the Biblical authors, but many of the major philosophers, poets, world's religious thinkers, mystics, and theologians as well.

The search will also look for the wisdom contained in Art, Music, and among Native Americans.

For those expecting to find wisdom here to provide answers that will empower them to cope with life's difficult decisions or their individual problems and choices; that may eventually happen for you as a result of this journey. But,more than likely, what will happen first is that this book will raise some larger and different questions than the questions you currently have.

Not all of the bigger questions about wisdom are raised entirely by the authors of the Bible or the world's religious thinkers. For example, with the widespread growth of Information Technology, today we live in what is currently called, "The Information Age." Here are questions which the modern poet, T.S.Eliot, prophetically asked each of us just a generation ago.

"Where is the life we have lost in living?

Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?

Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?"

Choruses From The Rock, T. S. Eliot

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