The Human Rights Reader: Major Political Essays, Speeches, and Documents from Ancient Times to the Present

Micheline Ishay
Taylor & Francis, 2007 - 559 pages

The second edition of The Human Rights Reader presents a dramatically revised organization and updated selections, including pieces on globalization and the war on terrorism. Each part of the Reader corresponds to five historical phases in the history of human rights and explores for each the arguments, debates, and issues of inclusiveness central to those eras. This edition is the most comprehensive and up-to-date collection of essays, speeches, and documents from historical and contemporary sources, all of which are now placed in context with Micheline Ishay's substantial introduction to the reader as a whole and valuable introductions to each part and chapter.


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Historical and Contemporary Controversies1
Secular Asian and Monotheistic Traditions
Chapter 1 Liberty Tolerance and Codes of Justice
Chapter 2 Social and Economic Justice
Chapter 3 Justice War and Peace
Chapter 4 Justice for Whom?
Part II The Legacy of Liberalism and the Enlightenment
Chapter 10 Human Rights for Whom?
Part IV The Right to SelfDetermination and the Imperial Age
Chapter 11 On the National Question
Part V Human Rights in the Era of Globalization
Chapter 12 Redefining Rights in the New Millennium
Chapter 13 Human Rights for Whom? Cultural and Group Rights versus Universalism
Chapter 14 How to Promote Human Rights
A Brief Historical Narrative

Chapter 5 Liberal Visions of Human Rights
Chapter 6 How to Promote a Liberal Conception of Human Rights
Chapter 7 Human Rights for Whom?
Part III The Socialist Contribution and the Industrial Age
Chapter 8 Challenging the Liberal Vision of Rights
Chapter 9 How to Promote a Socialist Perspective of Human Rights
Chapter 15 Documents
Permission Acknowledgments
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Micheline Ishay is Professor at the Joesph Korbel School of International Studies at University of Denver, where she is Director of the human rights program. She has been a Visiting Professor at The University of Tel Aviv, the University of Maryland, and as Lady Davis Professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and speaks regularly on a variety of human rights and foreign policy issues. Ishay is the author or editor of The History of Human Rights (2004), The Nationalism Reader (1999), and Internationalism and Its Betrayal (1995).

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