Mapping the Catholic Cultural Landscape

Paula Jean Miller, Richard Fossey
Rowman & Littlefield, 2004 - 276 pages
In support of Pope John Paul II's call for the re-envisioning of the mission of the Catholic University, Sheed and Ward renews its ongoing commitment to the field of Catholic Studies by presenting Mapping the Catholic Cultural Landscape. As it explores the intersection of Catholicism with cultural expressions of literature and art, holiness and personal devotion, faith and secular society, Mapping the Catholic Cultural Landscape fosters dialogue between the Gospel and culture, confirms the "catholicity" of the Church and her institutions, and engages human experience.

This selection of essays represents the work of respected international scholars who convened at the world's first International Conference of Catholic Studies at the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas. Edited by Sr. Paula Jean Miller, F.S.E., and Dr. Richard Fossey, this volume includes forays into French, Polish, and English cultures and also those of North, South, and Central America.

As an academic discipline, Catholic Studies is dedicated to unfolding the interpenetration of culture and faith as it is embodied in the cultural achievements and expressions of persons and societies. With the commitment to discover truth and a history grounded in the tradition of the Church, the Catholic University emerges as the ideal mediator in the encounter of faith and culture as they engage each other in our ordinary experiences, creative imaginations, and daily social involvements.

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Jane Austens Catholic Sensibility
Shakespeares Measure for Measure and the Art of Christian Mercy
Story Theology in Flannery OConnors The River John Updikes The Christian Roommates and Denys Arcands Jesus Of Montreal
The Tree of the Choctaws Live Oaks in the Sacred Poetry of Father Adrien Emmanuel Rouquette
The Theological Virtues in J R R Tolkiens Lord of the Rings
Santiago in the Americas The Iconography of the Conqueror and the Infidel
Mary as Human Exemplar
Our Lady of Jasna Gora in Polish Catholicism
Secular Society and the Catholic Imagination
The Import of Latino Spirituality for TwentyFirstCentury US Culture Politics and Religion
False Generosity Toward InnerCity School Children Why the Fierce Opposition to Vouchers for Sectarian Schools?
Journey to Faith Isaac Hecker and NineteenthCentury American Reform
Catholic Indian Boarding Schools and Sioux Catholicism
Catholic Insight on Workplace Human Rights and Corporate Humanism
Image and Social Responsibility Catholic Values and Fashion Advertising
Catholic Faith Between Secularization and Pluralism

Marian Devotion and Cultural Influence in the Naming of Churches
Literary Appropriation of Mary in the SpanishSpeaking World
Marian Devotion in the Spiritual Life of Saint Rose of Lima
Saints and Sanctity in France
Lucie Christine NineteenthCentury Wife Mother and Mystic
Restoring All Things in Christ Some Reflections on the Pastoral Provision for the Anglican Use of the Roman Rite
Darkness into Light Guadalupe Mother of All Mexico
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