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Ain't you afraid of me, Hal Cowles ?" he hissed, as he shook the slight form.

"No, not of you; only of sin."


'Not afraid of me? Why not? I could kill you just as easy!" The youngest boy began to cry; but Harry answered boldly:

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'God is greater than my fears; He will not let you hurt me."

At this point Mr. Fields, who had heard all from his barn near the road, stepped into view; and, taking the bigger boy in the same sort of firm grasp which had been placed upon Harry, he touched him rather sharply with his whip, saying,

"I've had my eye on you for some days, sir. Let this thing go no further, unless you want to be lodged in the county jail! Go home!"

It is needless to say that he went with rapid steps, and a face of abject shame.

Mr. Fields turned to Harry.

"Were you not afraid of that great boy, Harry?" A little, when I saw he was in earnest," answered the truthful boy.

"Well, my son, you see that God is greater than your fears. Always act upon that principle, and you will succeed.'

That night Harry made his mother's heart sing for joy in telling her of his victory.



66 Did you want the pears, my son ?" she asked. 'No, mamma," he answered; I never wish to want what I can't have without stealing." There was a knock at the door, and Mr. Fields's man left a bushel basket of a variety of the nicest fruit upon his place, with a note to Mrs. Cowles, congratulating her upon having a son whose only fear was of sin.

Harry's purest joy was in the knowledge that came to him a few days afterward-that his cou

rage at that time had influenced the youngest lad to determine, with God's help, to follow the same honest walk that Harry pursued. They are firm friends now, and Mr. Fields is the beloved friend of both.-Christian Banner.


WE request our dear young friends each one to procure a memorandum book, and to write at full length one of these questions and texts in answer to it, ready for their parent's or teacher's inspection on the Sunday after the date of the question. Those who are not able, or to whom it is not convenient to write, will please learn and repeat the texts.

1. Jan. 3. Find texts that prove there is but one God.

2. Jan. 10. Texts that prove there are Three
Persons in the Godhead.
Texts to prove that the Father is

3. Jan. 17.

4. Jan. 24.

5. Jan. 31.

Texts to prove that the Son is God. Texts to prove that the Holy Ghost is God.

Will Sunday-school teachers use these questions in their classes, advising all their scholars to procure the LITTLE GLEANER ? Popery is rapidly making way on both sides of our Church walls. The great antidote to the poison of Popery is Scripture. We trust parents and teachers will encourage this effort to fill the memory of the young with the good seed of the word.-ED.

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He still was destitute of grace,

He did not know the Lord.

Dear children, you may live with those
Who love the sacred word,

May tread the courts where Christ is preached,
And yet not know the Lord.

Oh, still go on to hear the truth,
To read God's holy word;
Yet never rest in outward forms,
But seek to know the Lord.

To fear Him and to hate your sins,
By means of His own word;
To trust and serve Him in His Son,-
This is to know the Lord.

1 SAM. iii. 4.


He's call'd you in His outward word,
But are you call'd by grace;
Oh, have you felt His piercing sword,
And sought in Christ His face?

All who are called of God,

Fly to the Throne of Grace; Seek to be wash'd in Jesus' blood, They seek in Christ God's face.

1 SAM. iii. 10.


All those whom grace has truly called


Love much the Saviour's voice;

Speak by Thy word," their hearts exclaim, "And make our souls rejoice."

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And God, in answer to their cry,

Will, by the Gospel's joyful sound,
Speak to their hearts through Jesus' cross,
And heal their every wound.

Happy the young whom Jesus calls
By His effectual grace,

And gives them here, by precious faith,
To see the Saviour's face.

Soon such, in glory's brighter world,
Will see Him as He is;

And drink from ever-flowing streams

Of unabating bliss.


"I HAVE OBTAINED THE VICTORY." KATE Carter was born at Upavon, Wilts, the youngest of a family of nine. She was of a quiet retiring disposition, and of a weakly body. Some time since she was sent to school at Devizes. Placed under the care of Miss C, she attended with her at the old Baptist meeting-house. A gracious God so ordered it for her benefit, as will appear. Miss C- had long manifested equal concern for the health and spiritual welfare of her youthful charge; and her kind and judicious conversation, when Kate was once unwell, and had not been very agreeable among her companions, was attended with a pleasing and marked change in her from that very time. Dr. Marston, the minister of the meeting-house, is also a physician, and he was called in to visit her for her health. Happy those who, like our glorious and compassionate Redeemer, are able to minister both to the physical and spiritual wants and maladies of men!

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