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ATTRACTIVE BARGAINS! Several hundred volumes of religious and historical works in excellent condition. Must go if price will move them. E. H. KEATOR, Franklin Park, N. J.

BEAUTIFUL LIFE OF CHRIST. Stereopticon Slides. Paintings of Tissot, Copping, Hole, and Hofman combined in Sets with Lecture. Forty slides in a Set. Correctly Colored. Song Slides Free. Popular Lectures also. Special Price. Transportation paid one way. Special Bargain in New Stereopticon. Write M. G. COLE, Poultney, Vt.

ONE SET NELSON'S LOOSELEAF ENCYCLOPEDIA, 12 volumes, half leather, just like new, cost $72 00, for $25.00. REV. R. N. HARTNESS, Berkley Station, Norfolk, Va.

LANTERN SLIDES FREE. Your first order free. afterward 89 cents prepaid. Largest list of sermons in world. Send for list. E. L. HOLLINGSWORTH Co., Overton, Nebr.

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-Have You Something to Sell or Exchange?

Thru these columns you can make a satisfactory disposal of your typewriter, standard or reference works, stereopticon or moving picture machine, lantern slides or any other article for which you have no further use.

Service to Subscribers

The use of these columns is very economical. A 25-word description to 20,000 fellow workers would cost 25 cents. Minimum space 25 words.

Announcements will appear under any desired heading.

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A rare collection of Wit, Humor, and Wisdom adapted to all occasions of Public Speech. By ARTHURT. PIERSON, D.D, whose long experience fitted him superlatively for compiling such a work.

12mo, Cloth, 361 Pages. $1.50, Net.
Average Carriage Charges, 12 Cents.


Russia's Recent Successes lend special interest to the New Book

Russia of To-day

by JOHN FOSTER FRASER, a work of timely importance, treating "The Soul of Russia," "Teetotal Russia," "Alien Russians," "A Land of Many Religions." Its 289 pages brim with information; its 44 illustrations from photographs add greatly.

$1.50, net. Average carriage charges, 12c. FUNK & WAGNALLS COMPANY, Publishers, NEW YORK

BOOKS ABOUT THE BIBLE and the New Testament

The following Books are from Sources of High Authority along their respective lines, and may be relied upon for the accuracy of their scholarship, the reliability of their information.

A Mental Index of the Bible. And a Cosmic
Use of Association. By REV. S. C. THOMP-
SON A complete memory system to help
in remembering the Bible's contents.
12mo, Cloth, 330 pp., $1.50.

A Concise Commentary on the Holy Bible.
By ROBERT YOUNG, LL.D. A companion
to the new translation of the Old and
New Covenants, for all who teach the
Word of God anywhere. 8vo, Cloth,
802 pp., $3.00, net; by mail, $3.12.
Bible Translation. By ROBERT YOUNG, LL.D.
The Holy Bible consisting of the Old and
New Covenants. Second edition revised.
8vo, Cloth, 780 pp., $4.00, net; by mail, $4.16.
The Bible and Modern Life. By CLAYTON
SEDGWICK COOPER. A help to Bible study
by students everywhere. The result of
world-wide observation and information.
12mo, Cloth, $1.00.

The People's Bible. By JOSEPH PARKER,
D.D. A pastoral exposition in 28 volumes,
each complete in itself. 8vo, Cloth,
$1.50 per volume.

The Pulpit Bible. By JOSEPH PARKER, D.D. The entire Bible, with Dr. Parker's notes and interpretations. Quarto, full Morocco, 1,351 pp., one volume, $15.00.

The Sermon Bible. A sermon library, with 4,800 sermon outlines, and over 24,000 homiletical references, embracing the entire Sacred Scriptures. In 12 volumes. 12mo, Cloth, $1.50 a vol.; $18.00 the set. A Manual of Introduction to the New Testament. By BERNHARD WEISS, PH.D. A critical and analytical study of the New Testament. A thesaurus of information. In two volumes. Crown 8vo, Cloth, 871 pp., $4.00.

Commentary on the New Testament. By BERNHARD WEISS, PH.D. A life's work on the text and contents of the New Testament. Four large octavo volumes. Cloth, $12.00 per set.

A Standard Bible Dictionary. Edited by MELANCTHON W. JACOBUS, D.D., ANDREW C. ZENOS, D.D., and EDWARD E. NOURSE, D.D. New, Comprehensive, condensed. 4to, Cloth, $5.00; Half Morocco, $8.00; Full Morocco, $10.00. Carriage prepaid.

Bible Lexicons. By ROBERT YOUNG, LL.D. Hebrew English and Greek-English lexicons to the original Scriptures of the Old and New Covenants. All the varied renderings of each word, with a Romanized Index. Large 8vo, Cloth, 141 pp., $2.50, net; by mail, $2.63.

Biblical Lights and Side-Lights. By REV. CHARLES E. LITTLE. Ten thousand Biblical Illustrations, with thirty thousand cross-references, facts, incidents, statements. 8vo, Cloth. 638 pp., $4.00; Sheep, $5.50

The Butler Bible Work. By J. GLENTWORTH BUTLER, D.D. Historical, Devotional, Ethical, Prophetical, Universally praised. Eleven volumes, bound in seal-brown silk, price, $44.00. Send for circular.

Young's Analytical Concordance to the Bible. Original Hebrew or Greek of any word; 311,000 references, marking 30,000 New Testament readings. 4to, Cloth, 1,238 pp., $6.00; Half Morocco, $10.00; Full Morocco, $12.00; all net. Carriage extra.

The Apostle's Creed and the New Testament. By JOHANNES KUNZE, PH.D., TH.D. Authorized translation by George William Gilmore. Showing how this creed antedates the New Testament 75c., net.

Religion of the New Testament. By BERNHARD WEISS, PH.D. Gives the underlying unity of the different types of doctrine. Translated from the German by Prof. George H. Schodde, Ph D 8vo, Cloth, 454 pp., $2.00.

FUNK & WAGNALLS COMPANY, Publishers, 354-360 Fourth Avenue, NEW YORK CITY

LONDON OFFICE: 134 Salisbury Square

Of the International Sunday-School Lessons --- First Half of 1917

The Boys' Life of Christ


Endeavors to show the manly, heroic, chivalrous, intensely real, and vigorously active qualities of Jesus in a way to appeal to boys. Fourth edition of an unusual book.

"Dr. William Byron Forbush is the man who stands at the head of those who are devoting their lives to the study and training of the American boy."-The Sunday School Times.

"I do not know of any other book which so works into a vivid and natural form the actual materials of the Gospel."- Prof. Shailer Mathews, D.D., Chicago University.

With extensive and informing notes upon the Holy Land Where Jesus Lived, the Leading Events in His Life and Approximate Dates. Also forty pages of Suggestions for Teachers, and a full Index. 12mo, Cloth, 352 Pages. $1.25, Post-paid.

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From Hofman's Great Painting
of Christ Talking With
the Doctors."'

A Day in Capernaum Jewish Artisan Life in the Time of Jesus


Two books from the pen of a careful writer, giving strong side-lights upon social and industrial conditions in the time of Christ. The first sketches vividly the events of one busy day in the Master's work and life; the second reveals how Jews lived and labored at that time.

"The reader gets a good insight into ancient Jewish civilization."-Western Christian Advocate.

Each 12mo, Cloth.

75 cents, Post-paid

Footprints of Christ


Says this book, in its first chapter: "God in His Word has not forgotten the boys. Nor the girls. This story is of equal interest to both." It will help the teacher to interest them.

"Every one engaged in any department of religious teaching especially in the Sunday School will find this book a great helper, while in the home it will prove a true friend."- Boston Home Journal.

12mo, Cloth, 375 Pages. $1.50, Post-paid

The Bible and Modern


Here is a book demonstrating practical Bible study for present needs. Its aim is to present such study not merely as a duty but as a pleasure, and to assist Bible students everywhere. Mr. Cooper is a worldwide specialist along this line.

"We commend the book with emphasis to our pastors and to the leading laymen of our churches."-The Examiner.

12mo, Cloth, 208 Pages. $1.10, Post-paid

The Call of Jesus to Joy


A dainty little book, from which one may feel radiating into the heart the spirit of Christ. Thereby the Sunday-School teacher may be helped by it, when teaching his class; and possibly, before then, one of the class may be helped by receiving it as a gift.

"Would make a beautiful and appropriate gift-book for Christmas, the day of joys."-Christian Worker.

16mo, Flexible Leather. 50 cents, Post-paid

Jesus: An Unfinished


A book that sums up thirty-five years of study and reflection on the career of Jesus. "An unfinished portrait" because, in Dr. Van Norden's opinion, "no portrait of Jesus can ever be finished."

"An earnest effort to present the real man."-Daily Advertiser, Boston.

12mo, Cloth, 295 Pages. $1.10, Post-paid

FUNK & WAGNALLS COMPANY, Publishers, 354-360 Fourth Avenue, NEW YORK


The International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia


16 Page Maps In Colors


Full Page Illustrations



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3541 Pages

An Entirely New Work From Beginning to End

At Last the Clergyman, the Bible Student, the Sunday School Teacher and the Layman can secure an unbiased and complete reference work on the Bible. An Encyclopaedia so thorough, so complete, so fair that it is indispensable to all serious students of the Bible. So far surpasses anything ever attempted that it stands alone in its field. "A Bible Dictionary that may mark a new era-its publication a great event in the world of Bible study," says the Sunday School Times. This monumental work is the result of the joint labors of nearly 200 eminent contributors-men universally recognized as authorities; master minds in their chosen calling. There are scores of ways in which this work far surpasses any work of like nature. Here are but Six Paramount Features

Reliability This new Encyclopaedia accepts only established truth. It refuses to yield Scripture to unconfirmed theories. Frankly conservative, it builds up rather than pulls down.

of this Remarkable Work

Readability The writers are scholarly men recognized authorities; their knowledge is recorded in simple language which may be easily read and understood by everyone. Simplicity and clearness is the rule, not the exception.

Fairness Every phase of all subjects is treated; Compactness The wealth of knowledge and

even both sides of disputed questions, oftentimes different contentions being upheld by different writers. Thus you may know all, and judge for yourself.

information given by this work

is confined within the covers of five convenient volumes. Easy to read, easy to handle; classified and indexed so as to be readily accessible. You cannot appreciate this remarkable work until you have it in your study.

Completeness The Editors have striven to in Low Price Inwealth of scholarship, skill in assem

clude everything that might throw light on the message of the Word of God. Refer to this work for anything-ask it any question, and you will get an authoritative answer.

32 Page Book Sent Free

excellence of printing, binding, illustrating, etc., this is the most valuable Biblical work, yet the cost is small. Sold to you for but $1.00 down, and on small monthly payments.

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For The Sunday School

Our King-16-page service of song. 5c per copy, 55c per doz., $4.35 per 100, postpaid. The above service orchestrated for 11 instruments, including bells. Price for complete orchestration, $1.50. Christmas Voices-16-page service. 5c per copy, 55c per doz., $4.35 per 100, postpaid. Not orchestrated.

Rodeheaver Recitations for Christmas– 32-page book of poems, exercises, etc., by the best writers. Edited by Chas. H. Gabriel. 15c, postpaid.

For The Choir

The Gospel Choir will contain some splendid Christmas anthems and songs. 15c per copy; 10c per copy in lots of 10 or more. Sample pages free.

Songs for Service

Compiled and Edited by HOMER
H. GABRIEL. The song-book that
is used exclusively in the great
"BILLY" SUNDAY campaigns.

Get a copy of "Songs for Service "at once for examination; get acquainted with its great songs; get it into your church and get your singing going as you would like to have it go.


1015 Monon Building, Chicago 615 Commercial Building, Philadelphia

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Prayer-Meeting Topic Cards

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By REV. F. B. MEYER, D.D. An open secret, lovingly told. Will comfort the pilgrim on the pilgrimage.

12mo, Cloth. Price, $1.25, net; by mail, $1.34 FUNK & WAGNALLS COMPANY, Pubs., NEW YORK SEMI-INSANE AND SEMI-RESPONSIBLE By Prof. Grasset, M.D. Cloth, $2.50, net; post-paid, $2.75. FUNK & WAGNALLS COMPANY, New York

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