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" It is not lawful for any man to take upon him the office of public preaching, or ministering the sacraments in the congregation, before he be lawfully called, and sent to execute the same. And those we ought to judge lawfully called and sent, which be... "
A View of All Religions: And the Religious Ceremonies of All Nations at the ... - Page 137
de Thomas Robbins - 1824 - 438 pages
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The Life and Times of Archbishop James Ussher: An Intriguing Look at the Man ...

J. A. Carr - 2006 - 311 pages
...him the office of publike preaching or ministring the Sacraments in the Church vnless hee bee first lawfully called and sent to execute the same. And those we ought to iudge lawfully called and sent which bee chosen and called to this worke by men who haue publike authoritie...
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The Letters and Diaries of John Henry Newman Volume IX: Littlemore and the ...

John Henry Newman - 2006 - 896 pages
...the Council having the confidence to decree that the Virgin Mar)- also was without sin: the a.).lh, "Of speaking in the congregation in such a tongue as the people iinclcrstandcth;" the ;{uth, "Of both kinds;" and the ^ist, so far as respects the sacrifices of masses.'...
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