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" That the pretended power of dispensing with laws, or the execution of laws by regal authority, as it hath been assumed and exercised of late, is illegal. "
The Ecclesiastical Law - Page 388
de Richard Burn - 1824
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British Government and the Constitution: Text and Materials

Colin Turpin, Adam Tomkins - 2007 - 903 pages
...Suspending of Laws or the Execution of Laws by Regal Authority without Consent of Parliament is illegal. That the pretended Power of Dispensing with Laws or...hath been assumed and exercised of late is illegal. . . . That levying Money for or to the Use of the Crown by pretence of Prerogative without Grant of...
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Position und Aufgaben des Richters nach westlichem und nach islamischem Recht

Heinrich Scholler, Silvia Tellenbach - 2007 - 140 pages
...Rights 1689 (l Gul. & Mar. Sess. 2 c.2). l 2. Abschnitt Nr. 3: „That the Commission for ereeting the late Court of Commissioners for Ecclesiastical Causes, and all other Commissions and Courts oflike Nature, are illegal and pernicious." (zit. nach Statutes at Large of England and of Great-Britain,...
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